Our grants

Over the last 40 years the capital of the Trust has increased, particularly recently through the receipt of a substantial legacy. The trustees are now in a position to consider making occasional grants to other local churches, organisations or individuals in addition to Hampstead Parish Church.

It should be noted that the awarding of all grants is at the absolute discretion of the trustees.


The trustees are willing to consider grant applications that fall within the object of the Trust and in particular that comply with the following guidelines:

(a) Grants may be awarded for projects such as

  • to support a choir intending to sing in a church or to perform music which (having regard to its character) is suitable for performance in a church or by a church choir
  • to purchase vocal scores, perhaps to build up a choral library of sacred music
  • to assist the training of church musicians in Hampstead
  • for expenditure on a church organ or musical instrument for use in a church

(b) Applications for smaller sums are more likely to succeed than larger sums: individual grants are unlikely to exceed [£5,000]

(c) An application may be for a one-off grant to support an event (eg a service or concert for a particular occasion) or purpose (eg repairs to an organ)

(d) Applications to 'kick-start' a project over a period of (say) three years may exceptionally also be considered (eg to contribute to the salary of a new Director of Music where the post does not currently exist); in such a case the total grant would not exceed [£10,000]

It should be noted that:

  • where an application is part of a larger fund-raising campaign (eg for the restoration or purchase of an organ) Trustees would need evidence of applications to (and confirmed support from) other sources, as well as evidence of the applicant's ability to provide [matched] funding from its own resources; and

  • in the event that after the payment of a grant the event or project for which it was awarded does not proceed for any reason, the Trustees would require their grant to be returned in full.


Recipients of grants will be required to report back on the event/project and on the use and application of the grant within six weeks of the conclusion of any event or project supported by a grant from the Trust.


Grant applications should be made on the Grant Application Form here. The completed Grant Application Form should be sent at least six months before the grant is required to:

The Hon Treasurer
The Hampstead Church Music Trust
c/o Hampstead Parish Church
Church Row
London NW3 6UU
or email: hcmt@hampsteadparishchurch.org.uk