About us

The Hampstead Church Music Trust is a registered charity (charity no. 269427) established in 1975 by parishioners of Hampstead Parish Church. Its object is to maintain and promote the performance and appreciation of Church Music in Hampstead. For over 150 years this parish church has maintained the Anglican Choral Tradition in its services, and upholding this unique cultural tradition (now rare in local parish churches and under threat in today’s secular times) remains the first priority for the Hampstead Church Music Trust. Under the Trust Deed there is a strong bias towards training, education and performance.

Since its inception, the Trust has been supported by the congregation of Hampstead Parish Church and its Trust Deed states that its object is intended to be fulfilled 'in particular [in] Hampstead Parish Church '. But the Deed also provides for its being fulfilled in 'Hampstead ' more generally, defining Hampstead as 'the area of the Metropolitan Borough of Hampstead as it existed at the time of the enactment of the London Government Act 1963 ‘. Accordingly grant money is available for other churches and/or organisations within the Hampstead area, priority being given to applications for music falling within the Anglican Choral Tradition (for further details see Our Grants).

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