About us

The Hampstead Church Music Trust is a registered charity (charity no. 269427) and was established in 1975 by parishioners of Hampstead Parish Church. Its object is to maintain and promote the performance and appreciation of Church Music, which is defined in its Trust Deed as including 'music written for performance as part of or during any church service and any other music which (having regard to its character) is suitable for performance in a church or by a church choir '. Under the Trust Deed there is a strong bias towards training, education and performance.

Since its inception, the Trust has been supported by the congregation of Hampstead Parish Church and its Trust Deed states that its object is intended to be fulfilled 'in particular [in] Hampstead Parish Church '. But the Trust Deed also provides for it being fulfilled in 'Hampstead ' more generally, defining Hampstead as 'the area of the Metropolitan Borough of Hampstead as it existed at the time of the enactment of the London Government Act 1963 '.

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